Census Information 1911

Registration District Poole
Sub Registration Canford
Parish Poole
County Dorsetshire
Address 5 Library Road Upper Parkstone
Census Reference RG14PN12272 RG78PN694 RD261 SD1 ED9 SN245

Surname First Name Rel Age Sex Marr Years Marr Born Live Living Died Occ Industry Employ Status Work at Home Birthplace Nationality
FUDGE Caleb Head 40 M Married 8 7 1 Labourer General Builder Own Account No Dorset Sturminster Newton
FUDGE Ellen Wife 34 F Married 16 years Dorset Sturminster Newton
FUDGE Alfred Son 15 M Single Furnisher Shop Own Account No Dorset Sturminster Newton
FUDGE Susan Daughter 13 F School Hampshire Bornmouth
FUDGE William Son 10 M School Parkstone Dorset
FUDGE Reggie Son 7 M Sturminster Newton
FUDGE Dorrie Daughter 6 F Parkstone Dorset
FUDGE Claud Son 4 M Parkstone Dorset
FUDGE Gordon Son 2 M Parkstone Dorset

Number of Rooms 6 Rooms
Signature Mrs Caleb Fudge
Postal Address 5 Stanley Villas Library Road

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