Census Information 1911

Registration District Tynemouth
Sub Registration Whitley
Parish Earsdon
County Northumberland
Address 14 Hector St Bertram Place Earsdon
Census Reference RG14PN30798 RG78PN1760 RD559 SD4 ED4 SN242

Surname First Name Rel Age Sex Marr Years Marr Born Live Living Died Occ Industry Employ Status Work at Home Birthplace Nationality
IRVING William Head 50 M Married 9 9 0 Miner Stone Man Under Grd Worker Winlaton County Durham
IRVING Margaret Dickinson Wife 41 F Married 16 years 8 8 0 Newcastle Northumberland
HENDERSON Fredrick Son 17 M Single Spare Putter Under Ground At Colliery Worker Newcastle Northumberland
IRVING William Son 15 M Single Pony Driver At Colly Underground Worker Consett County Northumberland
IRVING Thomas Henderson Son 13 M Trapper At Colly Underground Worker Newcastle Northumberland
IRVING Elizabeth Jane Daughter 11 F School Newcastle Northumberland
IRVING Robert James Son 9 M Newcastle Northumberland
IRVING John Son 7 M Newcastle Northumberland
IRVING Margaret Dickinson Daughter 6 F Newcastle Northumberland
IRVING Mary Isabella Daughter 3 F Newcastle Northumberland
IRVING Joseph Son 2 M Backworth Northumberland

Number of Rooms 5
Signature M D Irving
Postal Address 4 Hector Street, Ermston

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