Charles Stewart INGLIS

Charles Stewart INGLIS was born Q1 1864 in South Stoneham

1881 Census year and exciting events shortly after the census

Charles is shown onboard HMS Doterel on Sunday 3 April 1881 Cenusus - he is shown as Charles S Inglis - Clerk - Single - 17 - Born Southampton Shirley Hampshire

Below shows what happened shortly afterwards!!! - The ship exploded and nearly all the crew were killed - however young Charles was one of the lucky few!!!


The following telegram from Montevideo was received yesterday morning at the Admiralty:--

"The Doterel totally destroyed and sunk by explosion of fore magazine at Sandy Point, ten a.m., April 26th. Cause unknown; supposed boiler burst and exploded magazine. Twelve survivors, all well, proceeding in Britannia, for Liverpool. Stokes remains Sandy Point awaiting orders. Have telegraphed Pacific and Jones.

"Survivors. -- Evans, Commander; Stokes, Lieutenant; Colborne, paymaster; Walker, engineer (Garnet); Baird, carpenter; Pengelly, gunner's mate; Trout, quartermaster; Ford, caulker's mate; Walker, shipwright; James Smith, ordinary; Turner, stoker; Summers, Marine, discharged; Inglis, clerk; Miggeridge, sick bay man; Hays, private; Motton, A.B.; John Ellery, A.B., deserted.

"Dead. - Eight officers, 135 men."

Admiralty, May 4.

At the time the court marshall came to the conclusion that it was a boiler explosion that also took out the magazine - however some time later there was a similar explosion on another ship and eventually one of the survivors remembered that there was a similar smell just before the explosion and it was traced to a new type of paint that had been used

1897 - Promotion

The London Gazette 1945

Admiralty, 5th April, 1897. IN accordance with the provisions of Her Majesty's Order in Council of 22nd February, 1870

The undermentioned Assistant-Paymasters have been promoted to the rank of Paymaster in Her Majesty's Fleet:

Charles Stuart Inglis.
Dated 1st April, 1897.

Queens and Kings South Africa Medals 1899 - 1902

Officers and men of the Naval and Manning Brigade who served ashore South Africa with Naval Guns

Rank Paymaster
Name Charles S Inglis
Ship HMS Tartar

A little research has found that Charles was on HMS Tartar which was one of the ships sent to South Africa from which they removed the guns and took them on shore to help in the fight against the Boers - as Charles was a paymaster I doubt if he was directly involved in action.

Foreign Decorations and Awards Royal Navy and Marine Officers 1905 - 1922

Legion of Honour Chevalier

Rank Fleet payr
Name Charles S Inglis RN
Ship on which serving or servive for which given Dardanelles 1914 - 1916 and Naval Transport Staff Alexandria hour 1917

WW1 Medals and Awards

Name Inglis Chas S
Rank or Rating Payr Commr
Medals etc Earned V B
How issued or disposed of S

HMS Tartar

Official or Regimental Number
Name Inglis C S
No of medal 7006
Rank or Rating Payr
No on Ships Rolls 3/8
Clasp for 24
When delivered or sent NB Medal sent to party 24 Oct 01

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