Well it was hard work to find his birth - could not find it for ages - but in the end because his birth was
before the marriage of his parents I tried looking for the mother's maiden name and there he was!!!
Registered under his mother's maiden name but with the father's surname as a second christian name - so I guess
it has to be him - it also matches with a date of 10 October 1885 which some other people have as his date of
birth - although no one seems to have found the registration I have!!!!!!

Birth Registration in the name of Percy Inglis Broomfield.

Lived with his parents up until 1901 Census when we find him living as a boarder aged 15 as an undergamekeeper in Witshire.

He then disappears - I would have expected to find him in the 1911 census - but he does not seem to be in England
Nellie Inglis describes how he went to Canada but did not return - it sounds as if he went with his brother and sister
but they both returned when World War One broke out - however his brother George is still at home at the 1911 census
so did Thomas Percy go before George and Rose went???

Well after a bit of searching I find him on a ship from Bristol heading for Halifax, Nova Scotia - so he is off to
Canada - but it is after the 1911 census so there is a chance I can find him in the 1911 census - unless this is not
the first time he went to Canada.

His 1912 trip:-

UK Outward Passenger Lists

Name of Ship Royal George
Date of Departure 23 March 1912
Where Bound Halifax
Port of Departure Bristol
Steamship Line Royal Canadian Northern Steamships Limited

Names and Descriptions of BRITISH Passengers

Contract Ticket Number 2814
Names of Passengers T P Inglis
Class 3rd.
Profession Occupation Labourer
Age 30
Port at Which Contracted to Land Halifax

And his arrival in Canada:-

Canadian Passenger Lists

Names Thomas P Inglis
Gender Male
Birth Year About 1886
Date of Arrival 30 Mar 1912
Vessel Royal George
Port of Arrival Halifax, Nova Scotia
Port of Departure Avonmouth

The next time I find him in any records is on a ship coming into Liverpool in July 1919 - which is just before he marries
Margaret Halliwell in Atherton Lancaster.
I am pretty sure it is him as the address in England he gives is 63 Lord Street Hindsford - which is in Atherton.
which is where Margaret lived and they got married just under a year later.
Presumably if he had come over just to marry her they would have married earlier so it seems more likely that he met
her after he arrived and they them married
Interestingly he shows his occupation as seaman - so maybe he was a sailor prior to this date and this is why I have
had difficulty finding him during that period.
Did he come over knowing he was going to marry Margaret - and if so how did he know her??? - or did he come over and happened
to meet her??? If he did not know her why did he have an address in Hindsford - Why was he going there???

Incoming Passenger Lists

SS Minnedosa

Name of Ship Minnedosa
Date of Arrival 15 July 1919
Whence Arrived Montreal
Port of Arrival Liverpool
Steamship Line The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Ltd.

Names and Descriptions of British Passengers

Port of Embarkation Montreal
Port at which passengers have been landed Liverpool
Name of Passenger Inglis Thos P
Full European Address 63 Lord St, Hindsford
Class 3rd
Profession Occupation Seaman
Age 33
Country of Last Permanent Address Canada
Country of Intended Future Permanent Address England

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