Charles Gee

Walter Charles GEE

Charles Gee

Walter Charles GEE was born 24 August 1897

Walter was mentioned in the funeral notice of his father (1920) where it stated "Deceased's eldest son, Walter Charles, a leading telegraphist on a submarine is now on the China Station."

Charles Gee

Note - the picture was taken at a photographer, BLACKSTONE. N.Y. I take it to be New York. It was probably taken in the late 1930's when he was in the United States after have been awarded the Carnegie Scholarship.

Newspaper Article on the Carnegie Award

Charles Gee What a fantastic family photo!!!

This Walter with his third wife Jean Grace STALLING and three of their children Pamela Elizabeth, Terence Charles and Margaret Evelyn.

If you look closely behind the family it looks as if their servants are lined up behind them in their uniforms.

Walter had a distinguished career in telecommunications - for further details of his life :-

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