William SCOTT 1787 - ???

William SCOTT served in the army - see his discharge papers from the 95th Foot - who served amongst other places at the Battle of Waterloo

He was awarded a Waterloo Medal The Waterloo Medal was the first medal to be authorized by the British Government "to be conferred upon every officer, non-commissioned officer and soldier" since the Dunbar Medal and marked the beginning of officially giving the same medal to officers and men alike for participation in the same action.This was the first British medal to all ranks that was officially named on the rim. The Waterloo Medal was issued for those who took part in the battles of Ligny (June 16, 1815); Quatre Bras (June 16, 1815) or Waterloo (June 18, 1815).

After service in the 95th Foot he re-enlisted in the 4th Royal Veterans Brigade - he served with that brigade until 31 May 1821 when he was discharged

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