Well this is a complicated one!!!! - What have we got??? - on Emily Giffin's Marriage Certificate you will see that her father is reorded as Timothy GIFFIN - a bargeman - well in the 1841 Census we have a Timothy Giffin who is a bargeman and I reckon he is the one as there is another link in via his daughter Caroline

Mind you an awful lot seems to have happened between 1841 and the next Census in 1851!!!!

Timothy has "disappeared" - I think he has died - but I cannot find a registered death for him. However on a marriage record for one of his daughters - Caroline - he is shown under father's profession as "Late a Labourer" and Eliza his wife seems to remarry and she is shown as "Widow"

As far as Emily is concerned when she was baptised under parents there is only one shown - Eliza - her mother - which adds weight to the argument that poor old Timothy has unfortunately died!!!

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