Descendants of Timothy GIFFIN and Eliza THREADGOLD

Father Timothy GIFFIN Born About 1809 - Thorley Burial - April 1845 - Thorley - Aged 36
Mother Eliza THREADGOLD Born 1809 - Thorley Death Q4 1889 - Bishop Stortford - Aged 84

Marriage 12 April 1829 - Thorley Hertford - (IGI Record)

Children :-

Sarah GIFFIN Born About 1830
Caroline GIFFIN Born About 1831
Elizabeth GIFFIN Born About 1834
Mary GIFFIN Born About 1840

Have moved Emily from Timothy's family to 2nd husband Isaac TAYLOR as she was born well after poor Timothy's death but just before Eliza remarried Isaac TAYLOR - although it would appear that Emily might not have been keen to acknowledge Isaac as her father and indeed Emily shows Timothy as her father on her marriage certificate to William GEE

1841 Census

2nd Husband Isaac TAYLOR Born 1814 - Thorley Hertfordshire Death Q3 1886 - Bishop Stortford - Aged 72
Mother Eliza THREADGOLD {GIFFIN} Born 1809 - Thorley Death Q4 1889 - Bishop Stortford - Aged 84

Marriage 19 June 1848 - St James the Great - Thorley

Children :-

Emily GIFFIN Born About 1848 - Thorley Death Q3 1898 - Bishops Stortford - Aged 50
Dinah Taylor Born About 1851 - Bishops Stortford
Martha Taylor Born About 1851 - Bishops Stortford

1851 Census - Isaac in County Gaol!!!!!

1851 Census - Eliza and rest of family in Workhouse - including Emily who is shown as a TAYLOR

1861 Census - For some reason Eliza is shown as Martha - but everything else fits so I am pretty sure this is the right family - although Emily - the child born out of wedlock - before the marriage is not with them

1861 Census - Emily shown as a visitor to a Joseph "GRIFFIN" - but digging around it looks like it is probably a "GIFFIN" - so could be a relative of Timothy??

1871 Census - Their daughter Dinah TAYLOR is living next door with a John ROAST who seems to be the father of a boy Arthur TAYLOR living there

1881 Census - Eliza and Isaac still in the same house - their daughter Dinah no longer living next door

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