Life of Mary Anne BURDEN

Mary Anne BURDEN Born about 1838 Death Q2 1910 - Fordingbridge - Aged 73

Mary Anne Burden left her parents in Upton and turns up in service down in Lyme not sure how or why she
got there - let me know if you do - She was in service all her life and never got married

1861 Census - Mary Ann shown as the Cook in the household of a Robert Bourchier WREY Esq - Ware Cliff House Uplyme Devon

1871 Census - Mary Ann in the same Household - but now Housekeeper - in the same house her mother shown as a visitor
and a Rosealia BURDEN - 14 - also from Lytchett Dorset - slowly moving the family in!!!!!

1881 Census - Mary Ann in the same Household - her Mother Maria now shown as retainer and after the death of Robert WREY in 1872
his Widow Mary Ann now shown as head - they have moved from Ware Cliff House at Uplyme down into Lyme itself in Silver
Street - still with a pretty substantial staff

1891 Census - Mary Ann no longer in service but head of a "Sherborne House" Sherborne Lane with 3 boarders one of which was in service
as a housemaid with Mary Anne in 1861

1895 Kelly's Directory for Dorsetshire - Lyme Regis - Burden Mary .Ann (Mrs.), apartmh. Silverleigh, Silver st

1901 Census - Mary Ann now moved to Christchurch with the Housemaid she was living with in 1891 - just the two of them in the house
Living on own Means

1910 - Mary Ann death in Fordingbridge - I was able to trace her to Fordingbridge as the housemaid that she had been living with
was called Izet DOMAN a rather unusual name and her death and probate at Baden Villas in Fordingbridge in 1908

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