Rosalie YOUNG [BURDEN]'s Life Story

Workhouse Records - Lewisham High Street Workhouse

The first record of Rosalie in the Workhouse is dated 13 April 1909 this is shortly after the death of her husband in Q1 1909
Rosalie is 75 years old and is being transferred from Tooting Bec Asylum - it does not mean that she was mad as such - The Asylum
was designated to be used for infirm epileptics, patients with senile dementia and others 'requiring exceptional individual attention'.
Its location at a less remote site had been chosen specifically so that its elderly inmates could be near family and friends.

The same day she is discharged to her daughter - Ellen Agnes Targett - it cannot be her only other daughter as she died in 1883
Ellen had been living with Rosalie and William at the time of the 1891 census

In 1911 on the census she is down in Upton living with her sister Kate

She next reappears in the workhouse records on 3 January 1912 when she is admitted - "passed from Dartford" - she is transferred the
same day to the Infirmary - where she stays until 8 February 1912 when she is transferred back to the workhouse on the orders of the MO
She seems to have remained in the workhouse until her death is recorded there on 5 May 1913 - aged 79.

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