Descendants of William and Annie FUDGE

Father William FUDGE Born 25 January 1868 Birth Cert Death Q1 1921
Mother Annie Beatrice Ellen LANE Born 1878 Birth Q3 1878 Death Q3 1940

Marriage Q1 1896

Marriage Certificate

Children :-

Florence Lily FUDGE Born Q4 1896
Bertha Annie FUDGE Born Q1 1899
Ellen Mary FUDGE Born Q2 1901
Gordon Dudley FUDGE Born Q2 1903
Leslie William FUDGE Born Q1 1907
Mona Audrey May FUDGE Born Q3 1909
Lovell Lloyd FUDGE Born Q2 1912
Ronald George FUDGE Born Q4 1913
Ernest W FUDGE Born Q3 1915
Frederick Charles FUDGE Born 15 February 1918

Census 1901

Census 1911

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